90 Million People In China Under Lockdown, India On Alert

Fresh outbreak of Covid cases yet again in China and Hong Kong has raised concerns about a possible fourth wave hitting India soon.

Termed as a fast-spreading variant ‘stealth omicron’ is on the rise in China which is also touted as the country of origin of this deadly disease.

Presently the country has a zero-tolerance strategy, to keep the virus at bay after a deadly initial outbreak in early 2020.

The Chinese authorities have yet again tightened anti-virus controls. The streets are full of hazmat wearing health officials conducting tests and putting people in containment zone.

These regulation have raised the risk of trade disruptions after some auto and electronics factories shut down as the government fights the outbreaks.

Authorities have enforced a ‘zero tolerance’ strategy which aims to keep the virus from spreading further in the country.

China has temporarily shut down all the major cities and is searching for every infected person.

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