50 air hostess strip off on the street during protest in Italy

Protesting against job losses and pay cuts about 50 flight attendants took to the streets and took off their clothes recently in Italy.

Former Alitalia flight attendants protested this week against job losses and pay cuts in a particularly Italian way — by taking their clothes off, reported CNN.

About 50 female flight attendants gathered at the Campidoglio in their uniforms. Soon they were seen removing their apparels to stand in their underwear. They were heard chanting ‘We are Alitalia’, reported.

As per reports Alitalia ceased its operations, and ITA Airways took its place as the national carrier in Italy. However, all the former employees of the company did not get job in the new airline. The protest was meant for this.

Also, as per reports a new ITA Airways attendant told CNN that those who even got a job with the new airline have seen their seniority drop and received a pay cut and are not told far enough in advance when they will work.

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