21 Civilians Killed In Air-Strikes In Afghanistan

Kabul: As many as 21 civilians, including women and children, were killed in air strikes at Sangin in Afghanistan on Friday.

In the past two months, security raids on suspected Taliban hideouts in Helmand’s Sangin district have left over 30 dead beside wounding many. Following this, hundreds of Afghans have hit the street in southern Helmand province on Sunday to protest against the deadly attacks on civilians.

“Innocent people, women, and children are the only victims of the air strikes. This situation is no longer acceptable to us, and we are telling honorable President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and NDS (Secret Service) head Masoum Stanikzai to put an end to these raids,” said Attaullah Afghan, chairman of the provincial council of Helmand.

At present, heavy fighting is underway in the district between NATO-backed Afghan forces and the Taliban.

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