18,000 cows die in explosion in Texas dairy farm

At least 18,000 cows died after a fire erupted inside a milking parlour at a dairy farm in Dimmitt, Texas.

Texas: At least 18,000 cows died and one female employee was critically injured after a fire erupted inside a milking parlour at a dairy farm in Dimmitt, Texas, on April 10. The incident marks the deadliest barn fire on record in the US, according to a Reuters report.

The pictures shared by the Castro County Sheriff’s Office showed flames racing through buildings and into holding pens. A dairy farm worker rescued from inside the structure was taken to a hospital and was in critical but stable condition as of Tuesday. There were no other human casualties.

The explosion was so severe that the smoke touched the sky. The reason why there was such a huge explosion is not clear. The accident is said to have occurred due to the methane gas catching fire. Further investigation of the incident is underway.

Meanwhile, the surviving cows were shifted to a different facility on the farm, but the local sheriffs told the media that some of those cattle suffered, too.

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“There’s some that survived, there’s some that are probably injured to the point where they’ll have to be destroyed,” Castro County Sheriff Sal Rivera told the news channel KFDA.

It’s not the first time a large number of cattle have died, but rarely do so many perish in a single fire. A blizzard in December 2015 killed about 20,000 cattle across the Texas Panhandle, according to the Texas Association of Dairymen.

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