13-year-old girl spends Rs 52 lakh on mobile games in China, drains out family savings

When the mother of the girl knew about it she checked her account and found that she had only 0.5 yuan (around Rs 5) left in her account after these transactions

New Delhi: In an unusual incident, a 13-year-old girl from China reportedly spent about Rs 52 lakhs on mobile games. Later, when her mother came to know about this, she checked the balance and observed that the whole saving of the family had been spent. She had only Rs 5 left in her account following these huge transactions.

As per South China Morning post, the incident came to light when the girl’s teacher noticed her excessive phone usage during school and suspected she might be addicted to pay-to-play games. Concerned, the teacher informed the girl’s mother, who decided to check her bank account and was shocked by what she discovered, India Today reported.

As per the reports, the 13-year-old girl spent 449,500 yuan (approximately Rs 52,19,809) on online gaming.

When the mother of the girl knew about it she checked her account and found that she had only 0.5 yuan (around Rs 5) in her account after these transactions.

Reportedly, the teacher of the girl observed that she is glued to the mobile for long hours. Accordingly, she informed about this to the girl’s mother. It was observed that the money had been spent to access powerful tools which enable the user to access better facilities of the game.

Further reports said, when the girl’s father confronted the girl, she confessed that she spent 120,000 yuan (approximately Rs 13,93,828) on purchasing games, 210,000 yuan (about Rs 24,39,340) on in-game purchases and another 100,000 yuan (around Rs 11,61,590) to buy games for her classmates.

The girl reportedly found a debit card (that belonged to her mother) and paid money using it. Her mother had provided her daughter the password, so that at time of emergency when the parents are not around the girl can spend some money towards any emergency.

Reportedly, the girl had deleted all transaction records related to mobile games on her smartphone in an attempt to conceal the transactions.

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