Tiger scare triggers panic in Odisha’s Nabarangpur

Nabarangpur: Villagers of Putaghara in Nabarangpur district have locked themselves in their houses following reports of a tiger being spotted in the area.

According to reports, the incident took place when Brundavana had taken herds of sheep and goats for grazing to the nearby forest. Suddenly a leopard reportedly attacked the herd, killing one goat on the spot and dragged another into the forest.

Brundavana managed to flee from the spot and reported the incident to the villagers.

Earlier several incidents of attacks on domestic animals were reported in the village under mysterious circumstances including one where two goats were killed by an unknown predator.

In another incident one cow was killed and three others were injured following an attack by a wild animal about a month ago.

Although the villagers suspected that these attacks were by a tiger,  after Brudavana witnessed the leopard, panic has gripped among the residents of the village.

The incident was reported to the forest department by the villagers who appealed the officials to take action immediately to catch the leopard.

Responding to the fears that have gripped locals, officials of the forest department rushed to the village and started investigating into the matter.

Close circuit television cameras (CCTVs) have been installed in two regions to survey the area and keep a track of the animal’s movements and to ensure whether the attacks are by the big cat or any other wild animals.

The officials  also spotted a few pug marks in the forest and sent them for further survey.

On the other hand, the carcass of the goat was buried after an autopsy.

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