Maoists threaten to ‘punish’ Dr. Samanta in ‘Praja Court’!

Maoist poster against Dr.SamantaKoraput: Maoists have warned renowned educationist and founder of KISS and KIIT Dr. Achyuta Samanta that he would be punished in the ‘Praja (People’s) Court’ if he does not stop promoting tribal education in Odisha.

In a banner found on the premises of the Koraput branch of KISS in Kakiriguma, the Red rebels accused the eminent educationist of colluding with the police and weakening the Maoist organisation ‘ín the name of providing education to tribals’.

‘While we are opposing the policies of the government, you are inviting ministers. If you don’t stop doing this, you will be punished in the praja court,” the banner read.

After getting information about it, Kakiriguma police arrived on the spot and seized the banner. Besides, it has initiated an investigation to find out whether it was actually posted by Maoists or was a prank by some local people.

The Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) is the largest tribal residential school in the world, where more than 25,000 students from tribal villages across the state and even outside are being provided free education from KG to PG.

The institute is setting up 20 branches in the tribal areas of the state with an objective to educate the underprivileged tribal children following the aim of Dr. Samanta, who says “Giving education to a child is equal to giving sight to the blind.”


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