KISS celebrates Raja Parba with gaiety, fervour

Raja celebrationBhubaneswar: Like previous years, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) is celebrating the Raja Parba in its campus with gaiety and fervour.

Thousands of KISS students don’t visit their native place and stay in the campus even in the summer vacation. These students include orphan children and students who have to appear in various examinations as well as participate in national and international games and sports or other important events.

KISS takes care of such students, who are deprived of celebrating Raja festival with their near and dear ones at their native places. The institution makes special arrangements for students to enjoy swings. In addition, sweets and delicious food, including chicken curry, are served to students on Pahili Raja.

Founder of KISS, Dr Achyuta Samanta, will join the KISS students tomorrow on Raja Sankranti and distribute sweets and peetha to the students. “I enjoy celebrating Raja festival with KISS students. The Raja celebration encourages togetherness among students and helps them move forward in their lives”, said Dr Samanta.

Raja Parba (Raja festival) is one of the most popular festivals in Odisha, particularly in the coastal region of the state. The three-day-long festival is related to agriculture as well as womanhood. The first day is called Pahili Raja, while the second day is known Raja Sankranti and the third is Bhuin daana. It welcomes the agricultural year across the state.

According to mythology, it is believed that the mother goddess Earth or the divine wife of Lord Vishnu undergoes menstruation during the first three days. Hence, this festival is primarily celebrated with more enthusiasm by young unmarried women.

Girls decorate themselves with traditional Saree or modern clothes and Alatha in feet on this occasion.  The main attraction in this festival is swings. Girls play swings tied on tree branches whereas elder women play Cards and Ludo. Young and old men also enjoy various indoor and outdoor games. Various delicious Pithas are also made of which Podopitha, and Chakuli Pitha are very popular among all.


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