Fire leaves Karlaghati Villagers in Rayagada District Homeless

The entire 86 families of Karlaghati village of Rayagada district became homeless within no time as fire reduced their houses to ashes on Sunday.

A small inferno from a bamboo bush with the help of wind flew and landed on a thatched roof of a house. Gradually, it got intensified and spread to other houses suddenly and very easily as most of the houses were of thatched roof and the villagers could not notice it as they were busy in a marriage function. Before the arrival of the fire brigades on the spot, everything had turned to ashes.

Though there were no immediate reports of loss of life, property worth lakhs was charred in the fire.

“With much difficulty we had arranged some money and bought some golden ornaments for the marriage of our daughters. However, all is gone now,” cried bitterly one of the victims.

On being informed, the local administration rushed to the village and sheltered the villagers in a school building as there were many newborn babies and pregnant women.

As the victims have nothing left, the administration also decided to provide cooked food for a week. Besides, it assured to provide compensation after assessing the value of the property damaged due to the fire.

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