Zoom introduces Pronouns feature to help users to display their gender pronouns better

Video-meeting app Zoom has announced a new feature called ‘Pronouns’ which will allow users to better express their gender and be treated more respectfully on the platform. The new feature is being rolled out on with the Zoom 5.7.0 update.

The platform has added a dedicated text field for the pronoun(example: he/him/his, she/her/hers, and they/them/theirs) of the user right next to their profile name in the window to help others on a conference call to address them better.

Zoom aims to help all diverse users express themselves correctly and respectfully with the new Pronouns feature.

This feature is especially needed for LGBTQ community members or for people living outside gender binary as these people face this problem most.

Previously, the users have manually add their pronouns in their display names either during a live meeting or in a meeting.

Now, after updating to the latest version, a new Pronoun tab will appear in users profile page. Just enter the pronoun of your preference in the custom text field. Then they can enable when and how to show the pronoun during Zoom Meeting and Zoom Video meetings.

or a user can choose to let Zoom ask every time they are a part of a meeting on whether to share pronouns or not. There are also the options to ‘Always Share’ and ‘Do not share’.

The pronouns will always visible on the Zoom profile card whether the users allows it to show or not in a meeting or webinar. The users pronoun can be viewed in the Contacts tab or by hovering over a person’s avatar in Zoom Chat.

Zoom’s new feature will be visible by default on the profile page for free Basic accounts and accounts with a single licensed user. However, it will not be visible for Zoom accounts with more than one user. The administrators of those multiple users is allowed to turn on the Pronouns field in their account settings.

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