YouTube playable feature rollout begins, Over 75 free games available for all users

YouTube has rolled out the Playable feature for all users on Tuesday. The Playables Feature of YouTube offers free access to over 75 games for all users.

The Playable feature offers a collection of games to users of the video streaming service without any downloads. Now, the games can be played directly on the YouTube website or through its Android and iOS apps.

This feature was first introduced in November 2023 with 30 arcade games available only to Premium Subscription users in select markets. This initial phase was closed because it included fewer titles. The decision to make Playables widely available came as a growing number of technology companies like Linkledin, The New York Times and Netflix have added casual games to their services as a way to attract and retain users.

All YouTube users can now access Playable and enjoy around 75 titles through the Playable selection, which no longer requires a YouTube Premium subscription. It seems the roll out of the Playable will occur in phases, as some users tried to access the feature but were unable to do so because the page displayed an error when visiting the official URL. This tab is not yet available in the system navigation menu on both iOS and Android.

As of now, YouTube Playables offers around 75 games from different categories to suit users’ interests. Some popular games include Angry Birds Showdown, Cut The Rope, and Trivia Crack. The games are placed in different categories, this selection diversifies and ensures that there is something for all users.

How to Use YouTube Playables?

You can use the Playables is very easily. You can access these carousel games by going to the YouTube home page, there is also a landing page in My Explorer, as well as the podcast hub. Once accessed by these pages, users can browse and select multiple games, click on any game card, and begin playing immediately. However, the feature will not be available to all users in the first phase, it may take a few days for all users to get this new feature.

Open the Youtube app > Navigate to the Playables Carousel on the home page > Select and Click on a Game to start playing instantly.

What Devices Support Playables?

To enjoy this new feature, users must update the YouTube app to the latest version. Having a compatible device is also crucial. Playables can be accessed on the YouTube app version 18.33 or higher running on Android S and later or Android O, P, Q, R 64-bit.

Although YouTube has not created a plan to monetize Playables, this feature could provide a way to serve ads to users in the future. The expanded implementation of this feature is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

As the launch progresses, it is expected that more users will participate and enjoy this new journey on YouTube.

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