You can change the battery on your Apple iPhone easily very soon: Report

Cupertino giant Apple is expected to launch the next generation of the iPhone with easier ways to remove battery. This means that the users can be able to change the battery of their device if they want to and that will not be a complicated issue, said a report by The Information. The report has also said that Apple is working on a way to ditch the adhesive that holds the battery of the iPhone in its place.

In the current generation of iPhones, the battery on the device is wrapped in foil and is attached to the device with adhesive strips. These adhesive strips can be pulled to dislodge the battery of the device.

Apple is reportedly working to move to a metal enclosure that will pop the battery of the device out after it gets a small electrical jolt. This technology is reportedly called electrically induced adhesive debonding. Even though the process sounds easy, whether it is really easy or not remains debatable. Getting the battery of the device will be a tough process. Users need to get through the adhesive holding the glass parts to the frame of the phone. They are supposed to deal with several screws as well as the ribbon cables now.

It is expected that the company will test the new battery enclosure on at least a single variant of the iPhone 16. For those who are unknown, the Apple iPhone 16 is expected to be launched in the latter part of this year. The Apple iPhone 17 is expected to offer an easy battery-pulling mechanism. It is expected that Apple is trying to comply with the EU regulations that require all phone manufacturers to use batteries that are user-replaceable by 2025.

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