X has become a group chat for Earth, says Elon Musk

New Delhi: Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk on Monday said that his X social media platform has become a group chat for Earth, with maximum traffic coming from all over the world.

X now has 600 million monthly active users (MAUs) globally.

“X is the group chat for Earth,” Musk posted.

A user commented that “X is a global town square for the people”.

“New X feature inbound… Earth Chat,” another posted.

The tech billionaire, who acquired X (then called Twitter) in 2022 for $44 billion, is aiming to make it an “everything app” where people can post movies and TV shows and also make digital payments.

Musk also claimed that X usage in the US has reached an all-time high.

“Around 76 billion total user-seconds in the US, beating the previous record by 5 per cent,” the X owner announced.

In March, X reported that users are spending 30 minutes per day on the platform on average.

When Twitter was acquired by Musk in October 2022, it was basically a 140-character messaging app.

At the time of its $44 billion acquisition, there were about 3,500 creators on the platform.

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