Will Passkeys make login more secure than Passwords

Passkeys are way more secure than the passwords and are very much resistant to phishing as well as human error.

Passwords were basically thought as a security measure for almost anything on the Internet. However with due course of time the reliability on the passwords has decreased as they were prone to cyberattcks. However, the time is near that the passwords will be replaced by passkeys. Apple, Google, and Microsoft might very soon use passkeys instead of passwords.

It might be bit hard for you to understand but we have tried to explain about the Passkeys in a simple way.

Passkeys are way more secure than the passwords and are very much resistant to phishing. A number of tech companies like Apple, Microsoft as well as Google are working with World Wide Web Consortium and FIDO Alliance. After the development is complete, the platforms will get full support for passkeys.

Passkeys and their working process

The Passkeys provide a user access to an account using an external device that is used by the user.  This means that a user can log into his Google, Microsoft or Apple ID without using a password. Users are free to use face scan, fingerprint or pin in order to login to any account. In simpler terms the process will be like a Two Factor Authentication.

Once a user tries to login into his account using a passkey, one of the devices get a prompt. This prompt can be approved through a face scan, fingerprint or a pin to approve login. This process ensures that there are multiple layers of security to the logging into the account.

Security of Passkey

The Passkey is more secure as the human error in the situation is drastically reduced. The encryption is different each time when a user tries to login. This makes it less prone to cyber security attacks.

When it comes to human error, it is significantly reduced in a passkey. Unlike a password, a passkey cannot be reused. This makes it unique for every individual, application as well as platform.

Use of passkey will also significantly reduce the burden on password managers. Even though password managers are expected to be reliable, there are various instances of them being hackable. The use of passkeys will also reduce the burden on password managers.

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