WhatsApp users can now transfer chats from iOS to Pixel, Android 12 phones

WhatsApp users can now transfer chats from their old iPhones to Google Pixel and and all other Android 12 smartphones. Tech giant Google has announced through a blog that WhatsApp’s chat history migration feature to transfer messages from iPhones to Android is now coming to Pixel and Android 12 smartphones. Users will need a USB Type-C to Lightning cable to transfer the chats.

“You can safely transfer your chat history and memories from your WhatsApp account on iPhone to Android. We worked closely with the WhatsApp team to build a new set of capabilities, all designed to make it easier to switch from iPhone to Android and take your WhatsApp history with you,” the company said in a statement.

Earlier, this feature was only available for Samsung Galaxy smartphones and now is available for all Google Pixel and Android 12 smartphones. WhatsApp first introduced this chat history migration feature with the launch of the Galaxy Z foldable smartphones in August.
But unlike with Samsung phones, where the feature is available on devices running Android 10 and above, here it is limited to phones with Android 12.

How to transfer Chat from iOS to Pixel and Android phone ?

  • To transfer the chats from one phone to another, users would need a USB Type-C to Lightning cable to connect the both the iOS and Android device.
  • After the phones are connected, users are needed to scan a QR code on the iPhone to transfer the conversations, media, and more to the Android device.
  • If the QR code does not open, then users can manually move the chats by going to Settings > Chats > Move Chats to Android.
  • Users won’t receive any new messages on the old device while the chat transfer is in progress.

Recently, WhatsApp has also started rolling out end-to-end encrypted chat backups for iOS and Android users globally. With this new feature, users chat backup will be safe. If a users chooses to back up his chat history with end-to-end encryption, then it will be accessible only to him, and no one will be able to unlock the backup. Even WhatsApp and the backup service provider won’t be able to access their end-to-end encryption backup. The feature will be available for people on the latest version of the app.

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