WhatsApp To Launch Five New Features for Android & iOS

New Delhi: WhatsApp is by far the most popular and most used instant messaging app in both Android and iOS. Mark Zuckerberg has always tried to stay on top by launching new features with regular updates. The new features are always tested on the beta version of the app before launching it for its users.

The possible new features of the app are listed below:

Facebook Story Sharing

WhatsApp will allow its users to share their status updates directly to Facebook stories which are somewhat similar to how users can do on Instagram. To enable this feature WhatsApp is using Facebook’s data sharing API, which makes it possible for users to not interlink their WhatsApp account with their Facebook profile to post the stories. This feature is currently being tested out only on Android.

Night Mode

WhatsApp is working on a dark mode version of the app at present. If reports are to be believed, this new model will be called the Night Mode. It will be just like Android’s Dark Mode making the overarching theme of the app black. This will help smartphones with OLED panels save battery life and will also be helpful for user’s eyes in dimly lit situations.

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Profile Picture Protection

This particular update is already made active on the Android version of the app and will be soon available for the iOS version. The feature gives protection to the profile picture of the users which doesn’t allow it to be downloaded. It is made so tight that it wouldn’t allow users to take a screenshot of the picture.

Cleaner Album Layout

WhatsApp’s iOS version will soon be getting a cleaner album layout. With the new update, the instant messaging platform will begin putting together multiple photos in one bubble on WhatsApp Chats. Apart from this, WhatsApp will also display a number of pictures which are in the album bubble.

QR Code

The QR Code feature will allow the users to add new contacts from their smartphone by scanning the WhatsApp QR Codes of the other users. When this feature is made live, each user will be granted a unique QR code that others can scan and add them to their contact lists. This feature is also available to other IM Apps like WeChat.

The new WhatsApp features will be soon available for Android and iOS users. But for those who cannot wait for the updated version, can try the beta version of the app which already has the new features live.

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