WhatsApp to allow 1-Minute Long Voice notes as Status update on iPhone and Android

WhatsApp has been in existence for a decade now where it has introduced a lot of features but it recently introduced one of the features everyone would admire and love to have on both iPhone and Android phones. As per reports, the new feature allows users to share as much as voice messages as status update.

The new feature will allow users to send one-minute-long voice notes as their status updates. The feature is reportedly under test and have been used in the devices and people have started liking it because it is something everyone has been wishing for a long time.

The Meta-owned instant messaging app has been introducing several features that have made it easier for its users to pass what they want to friends easily for example AI-generated pictures and an option to clear and count unread messages. The app aims to enhance the user’s chatting experience on the app.

Previously, WhatsApp didn’t allow users to share a voice note for one minute but rather it was only 30 seconds of voice notes. Now the app has updated the status update page. Users can share teh voice notes by tapping and holding the microphone icon to record up to one minute voice notes.

The update is now available across both Android and iOS platforms. The rollout of this feature will made it easier for users who used to split long voice messages to put them as WhatsApp status updates as they may not need to do so as frequently.​

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