WhatsApp now on TV: To fight fake news

Facebook owned WhatsApp is set to have TV campaign to address the challenge by misinformation and rumors

After facing severe flak from various corners, FB owned WhatsApp is set to launch its TV campaign to promote awareness against spreading of misinformation and harmful rumors.

The most popular messaging platform had launched a similar campaign on radio amongst its users. The first phase kicked off on August 29th of this year with 46 radio stations including AIR (All India Radio).

For the TV campaign, WhatsApp said it worked closely with filmmaker Shistha Guha Thakurta to develop three 60 second films that convey real scenarios about danger regarding spreading of fake news.

“We are humbled by the impact that WhatsApp has on people’s ability to freely connect with their loved ones. We recognize at the same time connecting people can also lead to the spread of misinformation, which has to be confronted”, said Bosco Zubiaga. He is the lead of production in the making of these films.

Upon meeting WhatsApp CEO Chris Daniels in August, Union IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had said that the platform must comply with the law and take “suitable” steps to prevent its misuse.

Over the last few updates, WhatsApp has made several changes. It includes labeling forwarded messages, and also set a limit on a number of forwards.

In addition, it bans accounts that engage in an unwanted automated activity.

“We hope this campaign will help educate people on how to stay safe on WhatsApp”, said Zubiaga.

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