WhatsApp Launching New Feature Soon! You Can Read Non-Essential Messages Later

Instant messaging app WhatsApp always keeps offering some new features to its users. Now WhatsApp is working on features called Read Later and will soon be released for users. Let us know that these upcoming features can replace the already existing Archived Chats. This new feature was first seen by WaBetaInfo. These features are currently available on the latest version beta of WhatsApp.

At present, whenever you access someone’s personal chat or group chat in WhatsApp, it goes to the archive section and does not show that chat upwards on the screen, but as soon as in that chatbox When a new message arrives, that chat automatically starts upward on the screen. Due to this, many times users have to face trouble. Perhaps the company is working on features called Read Later to get rid of this problem.

When the Read Later featured will be enabled, then any new message in the chat in the Read Later section will not automatically appear on the screen itself, rather it will remain in the same section. In such a situation, you will be able to avoid the troubles caused by coming in front of an old chatbox. Not only this, but no notification will also come on the new message on the chat in the Read Later section. All chats in the Read Later category will be muted.

Currently, the Archived chats are visible to users at the bottom of the chatbox. In this way, when WhatsApp users scroll down, they will see the Archived option. By clicking on it you will see all the archived chats.

(Source: jansatta.com)

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