WhatsApp gets new Picture-In-Picture feature for Android users

The new feature lets play YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram videos in a dedicated window

WhatsApp has finally brought the Picture-In-Picture feature for all its Android users. It was launched in Beta in October this year. The feature had created a lot of buzz. The feature was launched for iOS in January this year.

The Facebook-owned company regularly adds new features to the popular messaging app. And generally adds an update first on beta. This new feature is now available for all its Android users through the WhatsApp version 2.18.380 – a stable build available via Google Play.

Whatsapp's new feature

How to use Picture-In-Picture feature

One can watch now YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram videos in a dedicated window while browsing through WhatsApp. This feature can be used in individual chats or even group chats. Once you tap that link, the video plays in a small, dedicated window that sits on top of your WhatsApp chats.

It is worth noting here that while the new feature plays Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube videos in a separate window on WhatsApp, it doesn’t work with the video clips shared natively on the instant messaging app. Similar is the case with videos being shared from other video platforms.

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