WhatsApp feature update: Now forward stickers in WhatsApp without saving them

Meta-owned instant messaging platform, WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature that will allow users to send stickers to their contacts quickly without saving them. Prior to this, the feature was said to available for Android beta testers only, but now it may come for all the users in the coming future.

The feature is said to be available with the latest Android version of WhatsApp that is version version WhatsApp has added a shortcut to quickly forward a sticker to others. The shortcut has been placed next to the sticker sent in a message thread. If you want to forward the sticker, then you simply need to tap on the shortcut and select the contact with whom you want to share it.

With this feature, users can save themselves from the usual hassle of tapping and holding the sticker, then tapping the forward button on top to share it with your contacts.

Prior to the release of this feature, if a users wants to send a sticker to someone then they have to save it to their favourites and then manually select it.

Earlier, the Meta-owned app released an update in which it introduced custom sticker makers for desktop and Web users. With the custom sticker makers, users can easily create personalised graphics within seconds using mainstream platforms like Instagram.

Let us tell you that WhatsApp already allows users to forward images on the platform. Users can forward a image to other contacts by selecting it and clicking on the arrow mark situated on the right side and send it to whom they wish to send.

WhatsApp made the custom sticker maker feature available for the web version of the app. Users can access the custom sticker creation feature,  by clicking the Attach icon, then selecting Stickers, then select an image to upload. after the image is uploaded, you can use it to make a perfect sticker.

We can say that this feature allows you to remove the background from the sticker you are going to create. WhatsApp was also spotted testing the feature on the mobile version of the app. The company may bring the custom sticker maker to the mobile app users as well. According to reports, the feature will also be present in the Desktop application from next week.

WhatsApp also introduced stickers in Pay Mode in October this year and recently allowed Web and desktop users to start creating custom stickers to share on the platform.

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