WhatsApp bans 20 lakh accounts in India, Check if your account is in the list

India government’s new IT rules that was highly opposed by the Social Media and Tech companies in the country has banned more than 20 lakh WhatsApp accounts. The company in a statement said that it has imposed a ban on these accounts between May 15 to June 15 for spreading harmful content. This is the first compliance report from WhatsApp.

The Facebook owned Instant Messaging company further added that the exact number of deleted accounts in the month is 20,11,000,  with the country code +91 which belong to India. This is 25 percent of the global accounts the company has deleted in the said month. Reportedly, the company deletes approx. 80 lac accounts every month across the globe.

WhatsApp has imposed this ban on these accounts for spreading harmful content. For instance, the accounts which were sending bulk spam SMS to other accounts have been deleted. Apart, those accounts also have been banned which people have complained of sending unsolicited messages. There are also some accounts which have been identified as sending objectionable messages.

Now question arises, can your account also get banned? Answer is, Of course! If you also send spam messages in bulk or sending objectionable messages to others, then refrain from such practices because the new IT rule has become more strict than before. Besides, legal action also can be taken against you if you keep sending such messages. Your account will also be banned if you threaten someone using WhatsApp.

So if you want to keep your account safe, then refrain from such illegal activities.

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