WhatsApp adds three new features for Web users: check details

Instant-messaging app WhatsApp has added three new features to the web platform. The company has announced Desktop photo editor, sticker suggestions and link previews feature for its web users. Using these features, users can now edit photos on the web version too and preview links as well.

Announcing the new features, WhatsApp posted a tweet that said “We’ve made some updates to the way you chat.”

Desktop photo editor feature

The instant-messaging app has now added a new media editor feature to the WhatsApp web version. The new Desktop photo editor will allow users edit pictures while sharing them with friends and family through WhatsApp on the web. Using the Desktop photo editor, users can crop their pictures, add stickers and more. Until now, this photo editing option was only available on the mobile version of the app. So, now, WhatsApp users can edit images on their computer as well.

Sticker suggestions feature

WhatsApp Web has now got a new sticker suggestions feature that will let users find relevant stickers as they type a message. This means users don’t have to go through multiple tabs to find the right sticker as they can find the right sticker for their conversations while typing.

Some users get annoyed as they have to scroll through various tabs to find a appropriate stickers. However, the new feature update will solve this problem. As per the company statement, now users can add stickers and text or crop and rotate their photos from any WhatsApp screen, big or small.

WhatsApp have also assured its users about the privacy security of the  feature and said that “We built this feature with privacy in mind, so rest assured that WhatsApp can’t see your searches, and your personal messages are always protected by end-to-end encryption.”

Previews of links

WhatsApp has also introduced a feature called, previews of links that will let users see the full preview of the link when sending it through WhatsApp web. Now, the receiver and sender can see more context about what has been sent and what they are about to see or read on the app.

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