What made Google CEO go mute during chat with Kermit The Frog?

New Delhi: Even one of the world’s most powerful tech CEOs can forget to unmute himself during a video chat. For Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, one such embarrassing moment came as he began the chat with Kermit The Frog, a character from Muppets, on Google Meet recently.

Sharing the two-minute video clip on Twitter on Wednesday, Pichai said: “Always remember to unmute thanks @KermitTheFrog for joining us on @YouTube #DearEarth and chatting about some of our shared interests.”

The video was part of YouTube’s “Dear Earth” series which aims to address climate challenges.

“Hi there, Sundar,” said Kermit, a Muppet character created in 1955, to which, Pichai replied but he was inaudible as he was on mute.

“Sundar, I think you are on mute. Wow, can’t believe I am talking to the CEO of Google, and he is on mute,” Kermit said.

At that point, Pichai realised he was on mute.

“Sorry Kermit. I was on mute, and I’ve done it a few times this year like everyone else. I’m huge fan of you and the muppets,” replied the Google CEO.

The video chat went smooth after the opening glitch, and Kermit The Frog and Pichai spoke about climate issues the world is grappling with.



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