What Does Three Ticks In WhatsApp Messages Mean, Check The Facts Here

Messaging App ‘WhatsApp’ is currently in a tussle with the central government over the identification of the first originator of information on the platform.

However, a new fake message has been making rounds on the internet and claims that three red ticks on a WhatsApp message might mean you are in trouble. According to a recent message on the messaging platform, two blue ticks and a red tick on a particular message means, the government can take action against you.

On the other hand, three red ticks meant that the government has started court proceedings against you, said the particular message. The message has been widely circulated among users as it shows a ‘forwarded many times label’.

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However, users need not panic if they receive the particular WhatsApp forward message, as it is just a fake message. The Facebook-owned app has not changed its rules regarding the three ticks.

It is advisable to users that if they receive any message regarding three ticks they should not panic and refrain from forwarding the message.

Presently, on WhatsApp three is a provision of one or two ticks. A single tick means that a message has been sent by a user, while two ticks means that has been delivered to the recipient. However, as the recipient reads the message, the sender/ recipient gets a blur tick on their respective sides.

WhatsApp messaging app ensures safety of its users through the end-to-end encryption feature. All the shared information (audio, video, text, voice) between individuals can’t be accessed by WhatsApp.

Any change in the guidelines for WhatsApp use is officially conveyed through the app.

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