Useful Tips And Tricks For Gmail User! Know In Details

Gmail is one of the most popular e-mail platforms worldwide. Most people use it to send email every day, if you are also a Gmail user, then this news is especially for you people. We will give you information about some useful tips and tricks that will be very useful for both new and existing users, so let’s know about them.

How to Schedule Email in Gmail: If you want to email someone but not later and want your email to be scheduled, then today we will give you information about how to schedule email on Gmail Can. Provides the facility of scheduling Gmail email to the users so that the user can send the email without any hassle if he wants to.

Email Schedule in Gmail: Here’s how to schedule

To schedule an email, you must first create a new mail and click on the compose option for this. After this, write or attach whatever you want to send in the email, that is, fill all the necessary details.

After this, along with the send button shown below, you will get the drop-down button, tap on it. After tapping on this option you will get the schedule send option. Whichever time you want to send the mail, choose the date and time as per your convenience.

How to enable Gmail dark mode:

Now in most apps, the dark mode feature is available for the users’ convenience. With the help of this feature, the pressure on the eyes is reduced, apart from this, this feature also helps to save the battery of those devices which are equipped with Amoled display.

If you use Gmail on the desktop, then let us inform you about how to activate dark mode. After signing Gmail, go to the Settings option and then you have to click on View All next to Themes. After this you will see all the themes, to the right of the default theme you will find the dark theme, tap on it and click on the save button shown below.

How to create new Gmail account:

If you want to create your new Gmail account then you can easily create. You don’t have to do much to create an account, just follow the steps not mentioned:

Gmail Create New Account: Create this way

1) First of all go to on your Smartphone or Desktop / Laptop.

2) If you want to create a Gmail account for yourself, then you have to click on Create an Account Account option. If you want to create an account for the business, then you have to click on the Work option (For Work) which appears on the left side of the sign-in.

If you are creating an account for yourself, then you will be asked to enter the name, desired email address and password, while if you have tapped on the For Work account, you will first get the business name, number of employees (including you) etc.


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