How to run WhatsApp and Telegram without internet

Now-a-days, instant-messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook have become a part of our daily life. These apps help us to connect with our family and friends. The apps also helps in our work life.

And to use these instant-messaging apps, we need to have an internet connection. However, this causes a dilemma for people when they don’t have a internet connection or their data balance has reached its limit or for some other reason as without internet users can’t chat with friends and family on the apps.

But, do you know you can send message, photo or video to your contacts on WhatsApp and other apps without using internet. There is a easy way, with which you can still use the apps even when there is no internet connection on your phone.

Here’s how you can run WhatsApp and Telegram without internet

To run WhatsApp, telegram and other apps on your phone without internet, you will need to have a special SIM card, which is called ChatSim. You can buy this special SIM from any e-commerce website or ChatSim’s website.

ChatSim is priced at Rs 1,800 and has a validity of one year. This SIM card can be used to chat on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram without internet. You can still use the SIM card even after one year, but you have to recharge again.

The ChatSim can be used in any mobile phone. It is a global SIM card that means it will work in every country. So, using this SIM, you can always remain active on WhatsApp and other instant-messaging apps without internet and also don’t need to worry about changing your SIM while travelling abroad.

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