Use these hacks on your Apple iPhone to make your everyday life hassle-free

Apple iPhones are quite popular among smartphone users of every age group. From teenagers to those who are in their sixties, everyone loves iPhones. The features and services that are offered on iPhone make the device a popular choice among users. However, not everyone is aware of the many Apple iPhone hacks that can possibly change the way of using their device.

Even though there are lots of lesser-known features present on the iPhone we have mentioned only a few of them (important ones) here. The Apple iPhone hacks have been mentioned below in detail.

Get rid of unknown callers

If you are receiving lots of unknown calls throughout the day and are getting irritated by them, Apple has a solution for you. Using this feature you can silent calls from unknown callers. In order to enable the feature, open Settings> Phone > Silence Unknown Callers.

Use the keyboard as trackpad when you find it difficult to move the cursor

At times you must have found yourself in a difficult situation when the cursor doesn’t move the way you want. In that case, the iPhone offers you a simple solution. The keyboard can be used as a trackpad. You just have to hold onto the spacebar until all the letters from the keyboard disappear. Since all the letters have disappeared from the keyboard, it can be used as a track pad.

Use the back tap feature on your iPhone to use shortcuts

The back tap feature on the iPhone can be used to perform shortcuts or other options. This feature was introduced with iOS 14. A double-tap or triple-tap feature can be used as a shortcut for a particular app. To activate the feature open Settings> Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap. Users should keep it in mind that these features are available on iPhone 8 and later models.

Soothe your mind by playing background sounds without using any apps

If you want to listen to background sounds of natural phenomena like ocean, rain and other bright noise sounds you do not have to open any apps. Users can listen the sounds by opting these steps, Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Background Sounds.

Copy text from photos and saved images using Live Text

The Live text feature can be used to copy text from photos and saved images that are present on your smartphone. In order to copy text from any image, select the image from Photo app or on a browser. Tap and hold on the text in order to copy.

Use Notes app to scan documents

Documents that are present on your iPhone can be scanned using your device. The Notes app on your iPhone lets you scan documents on the device.  In order to scan a document, open Notes app > Open a note > Tap Camera icon > Scan documents.

Use iMessage to send a message with animated effects

The iMessage on your iPhone can be used to send message with animated effects. Before sending a message with animated effects just hold on the send key to select the effect to be used with the message.

Putting voice call on hold

Even though hold option is not available on the Apple UI, you can still use the feature. During a call, tap the mute button for a couple of seconds to get the hold button.

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