Union Health Ministry Appeals WhatsApp Users To Share These Special Stickers As Much As Possible, Here’s Why

The second wave of corona in India is getting worse every single day. In every state of the country, the number of corona infections has been increasing continuously. The government is doing everything possible to prevent this epidemic.

A unique initiative has been taken by the Ministry of Health to make people aware, in which an appeal has been made to people on social media platforms.

WhatsApp is a chatting app that will be found in almost every smartphone in which people also use different types of stickers during chatting.

In view of this, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has made an appeal to the people who are using WhatsApp, in which they have been asked to share specific stickers as much as possible.

A tweet from the official Twitter handle of the Ministry of Health urged people to share specific stickers made on the corona. The tweet states that people should send these WhatsApp stickers in maximum number to their friends, family and relatives.

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This tweet also gives the link from where you can download this sticker for free. Now it is said that there is something special in these stickers for which the Health Ministry had to appeal to the people to share them.

In fact, WhatsApp launched a sticker pack named Vaccine for All at the beginning of the new year. Both Android and iOS users can download this sticker pack.

These special sticker packs have 23 different stickers designed by the World Health Organization. All these stickers have emoji to take precautions regarding the corona. These stickers have been specially made for WhatsApp users who are working to make people aware of Corona. Through these special stickers, they will be able to increase awareness among people about Covid-19 in a better way.

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