Uninstall these fake ChatGPT apps from your device immediately

There are many fake ChatGPT apps that you should uninstall them immediately to protect your device and data. Check these fake apps name.

The ChatGPT by OpenAI has brought the wave of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the world. Now, the AI is being incorporated in many daily apps. However, this also has caused the spawn of many fake ChatGPT apps, which can be used by cyber frauds to do malicious things.

There have been apps masquerading as ChatGPT when in reality they are fake. If you have installed these fake ChatGPT apps then you should uninstall them immediately to protect your device and data.

Check some of these apps here.

Genie – AI Chatbot

This Genie AI chatbot requests users’ permission to track their activities across other apps and websites and to send notifications. moreover, this app asks users to rate the app even before its full launch.

After the apps opens, users were asked to chose a free trial or to immediately subscribe to a longer-term plan, which amounts to $7 per week (equivalent to $364 per year) or a one-time payment of $70 for an annual subscription.

Open Chat GPT – AI Chatbot app

This app looks like the OpenAI ChatGPT app and has the similar logo used for ChatGPT. Though, the developers claim it to be an alternative to chat GPT, it’s not true. The free version of the app is heavily filled with advertisements and limits users to just three uses before requiring a subscription to unlock further functionality.

AI Chatbot – Ask AI Assistant

This app performs similar to the Open Chat GPT. This app also prompts users to sign up for a free 3-day trial after three inputs per day. After the trial run, users were automatically subscribed to a weekly subscription fee of $6 US (or £6 for UK users).

AI Chat GBT – Open Chatbot app

The chatbot tries to answer your queries as Chat GPT. The free version of the app allows 4 requests after this it prompts you to purchase a subscription or sign up for a free trial which later on converts into a monthly subscription.

AI Chat – Chatbot AI Assistant

The app provides a user interface that mirrors the mobile site of ChatGPT, ensuring a consistent experience. All content, including Google-served advertisements, is generated remotely. During installation, the app requests permission to track user activity across other apps and websites. Additionally, users are frequently encouraged to sign up for a free trial, with an automatic subscription at $8 per week.

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