Twitterati voice displeasure over fuel prices

New Delhi: As petrol prices continued to hover at Rs 75 per litre and above in the four metro cities, Twitterati on Wednesday tweeted their displeasure, apart from posting memes and funny comments.

#PetrolPrice trended with 1,169 tweets.

One user remarked: “Everybody is noticing onion prices but price of one commodity is increasing silently. Petrol price today is Rs 77.83 in Chennai. This government will ask us to go for bullock carts now. The FM will say I have never travelled in a car so I don’t bother about petrol price”.

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Another post read: “After onion, garlic & other vegetable prices, now petrol price has peaked. What exactly is the BJP government up to? How is the common man supposed to survive against rising cost of basic commodities in times of financial crisis?”

One user remarked: “Petrol prices are still lower than onions. Just wait and watch as to who wins the race.”

One Twitter user had a funny response: “So, according to the present situation, I’m gonna take tonnes of onions, tomatoes, garlic and petrol as dowry”.


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