Trick and trips: A step by step guide to turn on speed limit warning on Google Maps

Google Maps has been a lifesaver for every person who travels regularly. Be it your common route or an unknown destination Google Map is a saviour. While using Google Maps while driving/ riding a vehicle, the speed limiting function kicks. The function warns the riders about their current speed and warns if there is over speeding.

Even though users are advised not to entirely trust the over speeding function of Google Maps, they can take it as precautionary warning.

The speed limit function of the Google Maps also shows the duration of the journey, ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), remaining kilometres of journey, and many other options for your convenience.

Google had introduced the feature on Maps for the first time in the year 2019.

At the time of rollout, the function was available users in selected regions of Asia, Europe, South America, UK and US. However at a later phase, the function was made available to more users around the world.

If your region has the feature you can activate the feature by these simple steps. The speed limit is visible on the bottom left corner of the map

The steps to activate Speed ​​Limit in Google Maps (Android) are as follows:

  • Open Google Maps
  • Click on the profile picture on the top right corner
  • Go to the settings
  • Head to the navigation setting
  • Go to the speed limits setting (toggle between on and off)
  • If your vehicle exceeds speed limit Google Maps notifies you automatically

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