Three bad charging habits you should be aware of

Do you want to maintain the health and performance of your phone bettery then avoid these bad charging habits. Know more here.

If you are a smartphone user then this is important for you to know. Though we are using smartphones on a daily basis, there are still some things that most of us don’t know.

Though the battery is the most critical component of the phone, we usually don’t give attention to the battery maintenance of the device. There are some things that we do which affect the longevity and performance of your battery.

To improve the charging speed, extend battery life, and protect your phone from potential damage keep in mind these tips.

Don’t put your phone on charge with the case on

The most common mistake we usually do is charging the smartphone with its cover/case. However, this is wrong as it causes overheating in the battery and connector breakage. The charging connector can break due to a poorly designed case. If the case has a opening for the charging cable then it can cause the connector to break over time.

Overheating of the smartphone can slow down the charging speed and reduce the lifespan of the battery. So, you should remove the case when charging your phone to avoid these issues.

Don’t use fast charger every day

You should not use your fast charger everyday. If your smartphone comes with a 40W or faster charger then don’t use it on a daily basis. The use of fast charger can train on your battery and degrade it considerably faster. Instead use a secondary, slower charger for overnight charging. You can then use the fast charger only when you need a quick charge.

Don’t drain the battery below 5%

You should not drain your smartphone battery below 5% before charging it. This habit is the worst of all. As it puts a lot of stress on the battery when the cell drops from 10-15%. If you repeat this habit every day, the degradation of your battery will be much higher than normal. So, put your phone on charge when the battery is at 15-20% and not lower. While it’s okay to do this occasionally, repeating this habit every day is not recommended.

Though these habits may seem insignificant they affect the battery health greatly. It is important to ensure the battery’s health so that it lasts as long as possible and continues to perform efficiently.

By taking note of these things, you can improve your phone’s charging, extend the lifespan of your battery, and prevent future problems.

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