This WhatsAapp Flaw Might Allow Third Parties To Stalk Users, See What Say Researchers

Many of us like to post our photos and videos on the status feature of WhatsApp every day. But, do you know? the Cyber-stalkers can track you using your WhatsApp Status. Yes this can happen through a flaw in WhatsApp which allows third parties to stalk you online.

Security researchers have reportedly found a flaw in WhatsApp that could be used by cyber-stalkers to monitor individuals online with their status.

As per reports of Cyber security firm Traced, there are some apps and services available for both Android and iPhone users that exploit the WhatsApp status feature and allows cyber-stalkers to track you through them.

These apps and services may allow third party users to keep a tab on you without your consent.

The Cybersecurity firm elaborated that cyber-stalkers enter any number on the status tracker app and and if the number is registered on WhatsApp then the app will provide the exact date and time the user of that number opened WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp’s status feature lets users know when you are online and allows your contacts to see your status photos or videos. As you know, WhatsApp Last Seen and Status messages can be hidden but the last seen status can’t be disabled. Which is how third-parties monitor you.

The company explained that although Google doesn’t allow cyber stalking apps to be published on its Play store, there are many WhatsApp online status trackers that pose as a helpful app to let you know when your contacts come online on the app.

However, these apps could also be used by third parties to keep an eye on WhatsApp users.

There are also some WhatsApp online status stalking apps that allows users to enter the phone two numbers simultaneously and check if they are chatting with each other on the app at a particular time, added the Cyber security company.

You should note that these WhatsApp online status stalking apps could only be used to see when someone is online and third parties can’t read your conversation and online activity. Third parties also need users’ WhatsApp associated phone numbers to track their online status.

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