This Is How You Can Use Separate Ringtone For Your Special Persons On WhatsApp & Use Different Text Formats

If you want to set a separate ringtone for special persons who may be your parents, siblings or a close friend then you can customize the ringtone in WhatsApp.

In order to set a separate ringtone for an individual, you have to first go to the chat of the users whose chat ringtone you want to customize.

After this, click on the name given near the photo and now under mute notifications you will get the option of custom notifications, click on it and set your separate notifications. After this, whenever he will send a message, you will be able to identify the message of a particular person or any other simple message only with the sound of a ringtone.

This apart, you can change the words to bold, italic shape while typing messages on WhatsApp. For this, you have to type * message *, which will make the message bold. If you want to write text with a crossed line, write your message like ~ message ~ while for italics write your message inside the undercourse _message_.


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