This is how you can hide your secret WhatsApp chats from others

WhatsApp has a huge user base in India and is used by people of almost every age group. This includes from school, college students to office workers. But there are also some secret chats on WhatsApp, which we want to keep hidden from others.

WhatsApp was recently in the news for its Privacy Policy 2021, after which several rival apps such as Telegram and Signal claimed that their userbase has increased. Despite this, the popularity of WhatsApp in India remains intact. Today we are going to tell you how you can hide WhatsApp chat.

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To hide personal chats on the instant messaging app WhatsApp, a special feature has been given inside it. For this, you do not need to do much, just follow a process. Actually, with the help of archive chat in WhatsApp, you can hide personal or secret chats.

To archive, WhatsApp chats, first open WhatsApp on the phone. After this, click and hold on the chat you want to hide for a while. After this the option of a box will appear near the three dots, click on it. This will remove that chat from the front of the screen.

It is easy to archive in WhatsApp and it is also easy to find that chat again. For this, you just have to scroll down the time line of the WhatsApp chat and go to the bottom. At the bottom of the screen, there will be an option of archived, click on it, after that the chat will open.

However, when a message arrives on the archive chat, that chat comes to the fore. To avoid this, you can also block that chat for some time or turn off its notifications.


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