These hidden features of Android phones will make your work easy

Now-a-days almost everyone must have a smartphone with them. Smartphone has become a daily necessary item worldwide. From entertainment to digital payments, in today’s digital age, almost all our work is done easily through mobile phones.

The mobile manufacturing companies are launching new smartphones every other day with improved features and specifications to give users a more refined experience. Though, we use smartphones everyday, there are some hidden features of mobile phones, which are not widely known.  These hidden features of the smartphone can help you to do many of your tasks easily.

Here are some hidden features of Android phones

Hide photo and video feature

The latest smartphones has a hidden feature that allows users to hide photos and videos in the gallery. This helps users to hide private photos and videos that you don’t want anyone else to see. the feature is available in the phone’s settings. So you easily activate it by going to the phone’s settings.

After this you can easily hide your private photo or video in mobile phone.

Use two fingerprints for lock

We already know how to lock a phone using fingerprint but do you know you use multiple fingerprint to lock and unlock the mobile phone. This comes in handy, when the phone is used by more than one person. You can add the finger print of two different people by going to the phone’s settings.

Android safe mode

This feature helps to keep your smartphone safe. You can use the safe mode in almost all android mobiles. After enabling this, no third party apps will be able to be installed in your phone. In such a situation, your important data will always be secure.

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