The latest update of Windows 11 provides important features through version 22H2

Windows 11 Operating System is about to receive a plethora of updates through the latest version 22H2. According to the latest reports by The Verge, Microsoft will roll out Windows 11 update version 22H2 on September 20, 2022. The new updates on the Windows 11 will include a number of improvements including the start menu, drag and drop on the taskbar, live captions accessibility and much more. In order to bring the new updates to users, the company (Microsoft) has been testing them for some months.

The details about the Windows 11 version 22h2 has been mentioned below.

Improvements in Start Menu

The folders for application shortcuts find their way back to the Start menu through the 22H2 update. The function will be similar to that of iOS platform or that of Android platform. In order to do it, a user has to access the ‘Pinned area’ on the start menu and then drag and drop one app’s icon onto another app’s icon. You will observe that a folder will be created instantly and it will have both icons in it.

New Task Manager

The Task Manager will get a refreshed look through the Windows 11 version. The Task Manager gets a dark mode. Users can customise the columns through their desired colours. However, the functionality of the Task Manager will remain the same as before. There is also a presence of efficiency mode under the Processes tab that will enable the users to reduce their power usage.

Drag and Drop function on Taskbar

Users can drag and drop various items like files, images and other things to taskbar icon through this feature. The feature was available in Windows 10 and other versions before it. This popular feature will be back on Windows 11.

Volume Change Indicator

The new Volume Change Indicator on the Windows 11 appears when a user uses keyboard’s volume keys. Moreover, when the user just hovers the mouse cursor over the volume icon, the volume change indicator pops up. This means that users have to no longer click on the icon.

Bluetooth Device Connections

With this new feature users do not have to open the settings window in order to access the Bluetooth devices. The quick settings menu enables users to connect to any Bluetooth device nearby. By opening the menu, you will get list of Bluetooth devices nearby you that can be paired.

A new video editing tool

Microsoft will provide Clipchamp (a video editing tool) as a built-in app. The Clipchamp app was acquired by Microsoft way back in 2021.

Family app

Apart from Clipchamp, Windows will include another application as a built-in app which is Family app. The Family app will function along with Microsoft Family Safety and help parents configure time limits for games as well as configure apps.

Snap Improvements

The Snap layouts and Snap Groups feature is all set to receive a major update through the version 22H2. Users can drag the window to the handle at the top of the screen. Later, they can choose a location for it in the Snap Layouts grid.

Apart from the above mentioned features, the new Windows 11 version 22H2 also brings other features on board. However, an upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 for the latest updates might be done by few users. The users who have old PCs might stick to the Windows 10 as they have issues with Windows 11. For those who are unaware, the Windows 10 will be supported till October 2025.

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