Tesla plans to unveil new humanoid robot in September

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced that Tesla is developing a humanoid robot that he claimed will be operational by September this year. The Tesla AI day, which was supposed to be in August 2021, has been postponed until September 30 for that reason.

The humanoid ‘Optimus’ will be powered by the same AI that powers Tesla’s fleet of self-driving cars. Tesla plans to showcase the prototype in September of this year. Elon Musk revealed in a tweet that this year’s Tesla AI Day has been postponed until September 30 due to the need for more time to complete the Optimus prototype robot.

According to Musk and his company’s engineering staff, Optimus could eventually replace Tesla’s Electronic Vehicle business. It becomes significant in light of the company’s financial losses and the competition from competitors such as BMW, which recently opened a plant in China.

The launch of a humanoid ‘Optimus’, on the other hand, may be remarkable. According to common belief, Japan and China are the world leaders in AI, but Optimus has already struck a promising note.

Tesla Human-Robot

The Optimus Tesla robot will be around 173 centimeters (5ft’8) tall, weigh around 57 kilograms, and have a carrying capacity of 20 kilograms. It will replicate humans in several ways. Because of Tesla’s humanoid, which is designed to replace routine human duties, humans will have more time to pursue various artistic and scientific initiatives. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the robot will help humans by doing dangerous, monotonous, and time-consuming daily tasks. Tesla’s humanoid is said to have a perfect human form.

According to anthropologists from around the world, the majority of the physically demanding tasks that humans must perform do not necessarily lend themselves to the human shape. That is why most working robots look nothing like today’s humans.

The Tesla Bot will be capable of performing tasks that real cars can. It will primarily be a computer that can move and execute activities. A screen on its face will display all of the information required by the owner. They will be physically capable of carrying approximately 45 pounds and deadlifting 150 pounds. They will, however, walk at a dreadfully slow five miles per hour.

When Artificial Intelligence takes over the world, both commercial and military, a human-robot that looks and acts exactly like a human could be either a miracle or a huge disappointment.

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  1. Bernard says

    Is anyone else thinking replicants
    besides Elon Tyrell?
    “Commerce is our goal here at Tyrell”
    “More human than human is our motto.”

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