Telegram to introduce ‘Stories’ feature next month

Telegram has confirmed the launch of the Stories feature for its users. The feature will likely launch next month.

Telegram is going to launch its own version of Stories soon. This decision comes after years of user requests, with more than half of all feature requests received by Telegram related to Stories. This feature is already available on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook. Now, Telegram has the feature too after users request.

Telegram’s Stories feature is currently in its final testing phase and is set to be released in early July.

Stories feature on Telegram

The upcoming stories feature of Telegram will be visible at an expandable section at the top of the chat list. This minimizes the usage of screen space and gives easy access. This streamlined design ensures a seamless user experience while navigating through chats.

According to Telegram, the user will have full control on the privacy of the feature. They can manage who gets to see their stories and who should not. They can let their stories visible to everyone, only their contacts (with exceptions), a select group of contacts, or a list of close friends. This ensures that users have full control over their story’s audience.

Users will even be allowed to hide stories posted by any contact. To do that they just need to move the contact to the “Hidden” list in the Contacts section. In this way, users can declutter their main screen and prioritize the content they wish to see.

Telegram users will have the ability to hide stories posted by any contact. By moving them to the “Hidden” list in the Contacts section, users can declutter their main screen and prioritize the content they wish to see.

The feature will let users add captions, context, links, and tag other individuals in their stories. Users can also use photo and video-editing tools for their stories. Telegram’s Stories will also support dual camera functionality, enabling users to capture photos and videos simultaneously with both the front and rear cameras.

Users can set the stories for varying time period too. The lifespan of their stories, ranges from 6, 12, 24, or 48 hours. Like Instagram Story highlights, Telegram users can also pin the stories on permanent display. Saving stories to the profile page will provide a more comprehensive and colorful representation of users, allowing others to explore their content and learn more about them.

The introduction of Stories on Telegram will not only enhance individual user experiences, but also benefit channels. Telegram plans to enable the reposting of messages from channels to stories, leading to increased exposure and subscribers for channel owners.

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