Telegram Gets Group Video Calls, Animated Backgrounds and other new features in latest update

WhatsApp rival app, Telegram has introduced group video calls support for smartphones, tablets, and desktops in its latest update after a year of announcing its arrival. User can now use this new feature to convert their group audio conversations into video calls

By introducing the group video calls feature, Telegram will take on the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Apple’s FaceTime.

Telegram’s new update has also brought new feature like animated backgrounds, new message sending animations, new animated emoji, special menu button for bots, Screen Sharing, Noise Suppression in Voice Chats, and many more.

The Group Video Call feature is the third major voice chat update from the app in last six months.

The Group Video Chat option is currently available for the first 30 people who join the voice chat while the users can make group voice calls with an unlimited number of participants. But, Telegram has promised to increase that limit soon.

Telegram group video calls

The group video call feature is the most important update that Telegram has introduced and it allows users to transfer their group audio conversations into video calls.

To make a group video call, users just need to tap the camera icon in a group audio call to switch their video on.

After users enable the video call, you can pin one of your group members to see their video on the front.

Once enabled, you can pin one of your group members to see their video on the front. Telegram also provides a screen sharing option for users.

To use the screen sharing option, users need to tap on the menu button, then pressing the screen sharing option followed by app permission.

Tablet and Desktop support

Tablets and desktops users have more screen space and offer more display options. They can open the side panel and see a split-screen view of the video grid and list of participants, optimised for both portrait and landscape orientation, according to Telegram.

Desktops users will also have the ability for selective screen sharing, which will let them broadcast only an individual person/program during their group video calls, instead of showing the rest of the participants the entire screen. Desktop users will also get members pinned automatically when they share their screen.

On the other hand, the voice chats will be available on desktops in a separate window to let users type and talk without minimizing it.

Telegram has improvised the noise suppression in voice chats to make audio clearer. However, users can disable noise suppression in case they intentionally want some ambient noise in the call.

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