JioFi Rs 249 , Rs 299, and Rs 349 plans announced, Know benefits and validity details

Reliance Jio is currently offering three different postpaid tariff plans for JioFi, a small hotspot device offered by the company. The base plans are priced at Rs 249, Rs 299 and Rs 349. These plans will be useful for enterprises or businesses. The plans are valid for one month and does not provide any SMS or voice benefits. The office workers can use these small Wi-Fi hotspot devices to work seamlessly from anywhere.

Let’s know some details about these plans.

JioFi Rs 249 Plan

This is the base enterprise postpaid plan that Reliance Jio offers for JioFi. The Rs 249 plan from JioFi is offered with 30GB of monthly data. However, this plan does not provide any SMS or voice benefits. Note that there is a lock-in period of 18 months with this plan if the enterprise opts for it.

JioFi Rs 299 Plan

Reliance Jio provides 40GB of monthly data with this Rs 299 plan for JioFi devices. The lock-in period with this plan is also 18 months. The data speed will decrease to 64 Kbps post the consumption of FUP (Fair-Usage-Policy) data.

JioFi Rs 349 Plan

The Reliance Jio’s 349 JioFi plan comes with 50GB of data per month. It has the same 18 months lock-in period.

Customers choosing the Rs 249, Rs 299, and Rs 349 JioFi postpaid recharge plans will also get the JioFi 4G wireless portable hotspot free of cost but will be given on use and return basis. Furthermore, any enterprise/company ordering these devices will have to pay for at least 200 devices.

JioFi Features

The JioFi hotspot device is very small in size. It can deliver download and upload speeds of 150 Mbps and 50 Mbps, respectively. The device can easily support five to six hours of browsing time with the help of the long-lasting 2300mAh battery. It can be connected with up to 10 devices and one USB connection.

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