Are you a music lover? Download unlimited songs with these JioSaavn plans

Are you one of those who love to listen music during their leisure? If yes, then there are some JioSaavn plans which will make your life hassle-free. There are two JioSaavn Pro plans offered for the users who love to stream music on their smartphones, tablets or other gadgets. The plans are Rs 399 plan and Rs 99 plan.

The JioSaavn Pro plans offers Ad-free music, unlimited downloads, exclusive original content and much more to the users.

While the JioSaavn Pro Rs 399 plan is a yearly plan, the Rs 99 plan is a monthly plan. The details about the plans are mentioned below.

Rs 99 plan

The Rs 99 JioSaavn Pro plan is a monthly plan and is limited for 1 month only. The benefits that are available in the plan include 80+ million songs, jio tunes, ad-free music, unlimited downloads, offline listening and access to high quality audio. The user can play the songs on Sonos, Alexa and other devices. Users also get special access and offers in the plan.

Rs 399 plan

The Rs 399 JioSaavn Pro plan is a yearly plan and offers you unlimited access to unlimited music for a period of 1 year. The Rs 399 plan is originally an Rs 999 plan but is offered at a low price (Rs 399) for limited period only. The benefits offered under the plan are same as that of the Rs 99 plan.

Free Plan

If, you are wondering whether Jio Saavn can be accessed for free or not, the answer is yes. Users can get free subscription to Jio Saavn too. However, few features will be available to them. Users only get free audio streaming, JioTunes and Recommendations under this plan. Features like ad-free music, unlimited downloads, offline listening and access to high quality audio can not be used in this plan.

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