Steps To Prevent An Admin From Adding You To Groups On WhatsApp

New Delhi: Refusing to be added to a group? You might not always want to be included to a certain group. However, many times it’s not possible to block a group.

However, blocking the group admin ensures they can’t add you to a group anymore.

Follow the steps to block an admin whose number is not stored in your phone’s address book:

  1. Go to the group in WhatsApp, then tap or click the subject of the group.
  2. Tap or click the phone number of the admin you wish to block.
  3. If prompted, tap or click Message {phone number}or Send Message.
  4. A blank chat with the admin will open up. Tap or click the phone number at the top.
  5. Tap or click Block> Block.

This would block the admin and prevent him from adding you to any other group.

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