Spotify Rolls Out New Update For Its iOS And Android Users, Check The Features Here

Audio streaming platform Spotify has recently rolled out new updates for its users. The new update is expected to offer more personalised experience while browsing the application. The updates will be available for users across the world in the later part of March.

The updates of this application will feature customised home screens, recently played podcasts and discover sections.

The home screen of spotify will feature new and relevant podcast episodes within the Home hub. The new episodes will be marked by a blue dot. The episodes which have been already watched will be showed by a progress bar. The progress bar will show how far a user has watched a particular a podcast episode.

The discover sections will show the users about the latest released tracks of their favourite artists. The section will provide recommendation of songs similar to that of the taste of user. However, this feature will be accessible to only Premium users.

On the other hand, the recently played section of the app will show the users their listening history up to last 3 months. Users can jump back in time at any point and view the tracks which they enjoyed most. Both the Premium and basic users can access the feature.

The new changes in Spotify are expected to make user interface more friendly for its users. Additionally the update will provide much more personalised experience for the users.

(Source: Xda Developers)

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