Schedule your tweets for release at specific date and time soon

San Francisco: Twitter is rolling out a key feature that will let both Android and iOS users schedule a tweet to be released on a specific date and time.
The users can look at all their scheduled tweets in the scheduling window on the platform.

Scheduling seems to be currently available only to some users on Twitter for desktop and will be available for all soon, reports the Next Web.

The scheduling feature would especially be useful for social media managers and media outlets to handle their tweets better.

Twitter last year experimented with the scheduling feature.

The micro-blogging feature is also experimenting with giving users a second opportunity to self-edit their tweets and replies if they contain harmful, abusive and hate content, before they post it on the platform and face consequences for violating its policies.

It is still not an Edit button for users but a self-edit tool to tackle rampant harassment on its platform, said Twitter.

Twitter describes it as a limited experiment, and is currently only available for the iOS users.

The prompt will come as a pop-up on tweets which carry harmful content and Twitter AI/ML tools will try to catch such hate words first-hand.

Twitter users have been demanding an Edit button so that they can improve tweets that have been posted.

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