SBI server down: Customers complain of failed UPI, net banking

The State Bank of India (SBI), India's largest public lender, faced a server down on Monday morning causing UPI, net banking outage today.

The State Bank of India (SBI), India’s largest public lender, faced a server outage on Monday morning. Some SBI customers took to Twitter and complained of failed UPI, net banking transactions amid server outage. Some other users also claimed that they weren’t able to use SBI services since Sunday.

Following the user complaints on Twitter, SBI also responded to them and replied that “Dear Customer, we apologise for the inconvenience. Requesting you retry and let us know if the issue persists”.

However, the lender did not confirm anything about the serve down. And it seems like the services are back on track while this article was written.

This is not the first time customers have faced this type of server outage.

Check out some of the complained Twitter users made about the “terribly slow” SBI services:

One user said that SBI is the best, the ATM is operating fine but the UPi server is always down. Even if you don’t want, money is being saved every month.

Sbi server is down transactions through phone pe ,google pe or through any UPI#sbiserver #Sbibank #StateBankOfIndia, wrote another user.

One user even tagged RBI and complained about the outage and commented, “Online banking of SBI is down for more than half a day and not yet resolved. Don’t know what’s happening. @RBI something should be done about it.

“Is #Sbi_server_down today on april 3rd since morning. Infact, it was terribly slow for the last couple of days. Why it is taking such a long time to restore the service of #Sbibank #rbitoday,” tweeted a user.

Some users advised the -bank to improve the Sbi online and Yono services as they were down frequently.

“I fail to understand how #SBI bank deduct EMI’s amount on time if server down but customer can’t use internet banking or UPI,” quipped an SBI customer.

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