Samsung May Launch Foldable Smartphone In November

New Delhi: In an interview to CNBC, the CEO of Samsung’s mobile division DJ Koh has revealed that the revolutionary foldable handset may be launched by November this year at Samsung’s developer conference. Reportedly called ‘Galaxy X’, Samsung’s foldable smartphone has been in work since 2012 when the company first unveiled a prototype. Later in 2014, a concept add was released that showed the smartphone being folded into a wallet-sized handset.

According to reports, the project is nearing completion. DJ Koh has also revealed that developing the foldable smartphone has been a complicated and tedious task, based on consumer surveys which implied that there is a market for such mobile phones.

The yet-to-be launched device is expected to feature a 7-inch flexible OLED screen that will allow it to bend when pressure is applied. It will reportedly fold in half with the exterior of the device sporting a small display. Samsung’s foldable phone will have a diary-like design. It is said to be a foldable structure that moves inwards along the longitudinal axis.

As for the price, the smartphone is being touted to be the most expensive Samsung model yet. It is expected to cost nearly $ 1,500 which amounts to a whopping Rs 1,07,000.

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