Remove mobile number and personal information from search in Google, know how

One can now request Google to remove personal information such as phone number, email address from the search results.

According to reports Michelle Chang the global policy lead for Google said it is updating its privacy policies. “Highly personal content” will completely be under users control.

Google says it wanted to protect its users from unwanted direct contact or even physical harm.  People have given us feedback that they would like the ability to remove this type of information from Search in some cases said global policy lead to some sources.

Google will now remove personal content: 

  • When one requests the removal of a piece of information, the company will evaluate and check all content on the web page.
  • The Search results will ensure that the availability of other information that “is broadly useful” and not limited.
  • The contact information that appears on government websites will not be removed by Google.

Google will not delete your personal information: 

  • Google Search fetches information from several internet sources but sees to it that the search engine will not store your personal information anymore.
  • Google ensures that the source from which information came will still be intact.
  • One does not need to ask the hosting site directly to remove the content from the internet entirely.

Google is always looking for new ways to ensure their policies and built-in safeguards reflect evolving needs.

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  1. Godabarish Mahapatra says

    Good step. It will be best if Google leave to user to maintain its own personal data and all acts fully

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