Reliance Jio Launches ‘Jio Group Talk’ To Rival WhatsApp

New Delhi: After acquiring ‘Saavn’ App for music streaming, Reliance Jio has now launched its own group voice-calling App called Group Talk, which is available to Android users having a Jio number.

Play Store listing reveals that the App allows users to speak in conference with up to 10 people at the same time. However, users need to have a Jio number to login to it.

Jio Group Talk app is currently available in beta mode. A commercial version is expected to be released soon. The App can be used to make HD group voice calls to all Jio numbers. The app also seeks permission for device camera, hinting at a possible video calling feature in the future.

To download Jio Group Talk App, users will have to register with their Jio contact number and enter in the OTP for the number’s verification. After this, Jio Group Talk is ready to be used.

It is evident from features that ‘Jio Group Talk’ aims to rival instant messaging giant WhatsApp. However, the Jio app currently supports only voice calling by either creating a group, adding people from the contact list and making the voice call.

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